#Novϵmbϵr Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives us a taste of November at all times of the year



november olive oli

Throughout the centuries, the olive is seen as an important element in the daily life of man, often as a symbol of health, fertility and euphoria. The olive tree, goddess Athena's gift to ancient Athens, is considered to be blessed and holds a leading position in the social and economic life of our land, while olive oil forms the foundation of the Mediterranean diet and represents an important legacy of inspiration and prosperity.

november olive oli

Novϵmbϵr Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the achievement of three olive oil producers from Crete. The three producers joined forces and through their personal experiences and their love of the land and its produce they aim to produce and offer a high quality olive oil with exceptional nutritional value.

The cultivation, picking and olive oil extraction are processes deeply ingrained in our first childhood memories. These remind us daily that we must care for our small, traditional, centuries old olive groves as our fathers and grandfathers once did.

november olive oli

Our main principle is the utilisation of the good climate and fertile Cretan land to produce an olive oil which combines top quality with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

To this purpose our daily efforts focus on the correct management of the olive groves, treating each olive tree individually, making notes of its needs and intervening specifically in cooperation with experienced agronomists in order to receive healthy and top quality fruit from each olive tree.


november olive oil

Novϵmbϵr Εxtra Virgin Olive Oil is made of olives from the Koroneiki cultivar. These are picked between mid-October to the beginning of November when the olive fruit is still unripe and green, giving the olive oil the feel, taste and aroma of fresh olives as well as guaranteeing exceptional organoleptic properties. The Koroneiki olive blossoms during the second half of April and matures in November. It is a small olive, resistant to low temperatures and is known to produce the best quality olive oil when compared to other olive cultivars.

The olive oil from this olive is of exceptional quality with an intense golden-green hue, rich fruity aroma and a refreshing taste as well as a powerful antioxidant effect. Olive oil from the Koroneiki has a stable chemical form which allows its organoleptic properties to remain unaltered for up to two years from the production date as long as it is kept in appropriate conditions.

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