#Novϵmbϵr Extra Virgin Olive Oil's taste and aroma are intensely infused with the natural environment and the combination of the various microclimates of our land



Our Olive Groves

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The island of Crete, homeland of Novϵmbϵr Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is the largest of the Greek islands and Europe's most southern point. An island of stark contrasts, rich folk tradition and cultural heritage that offers a unique experience to those who visit.

Our olive groves are located in Apokoronas in northeastern Chania. The area expands from the foot of the White Mountains to the northern shores of the island. The magic of the landscape with its intense contrasts is truly breathtaking. Rocky, steep shores and stunning beaches succeeded by fertile plains dominate the northern landscape while in the south the majestic White Mountains adorn the open space.

november olive oli

In Apokoronas we meet river Koiliaris – the sole river on Crete with a constant flow throughout the year – as well as magnificent gorges, caves of historic and environmental importance, lake Kourna, the only natural fresh water lake on Crete. In antiquity, lake Kourna is mentioned by Stephanus of Byzantium with the name Korisia, a name taken from the temple in honour of Korisia Athena. The temple was called 'eis Hippon kai Korin' (to the knight and maiden) and according to one account is where the place name of 'Ippokoroneio' derived from and was later paraphrased Apokoronas.There are numerous traditional villages in the Apokoronas area whose green natural landscape and ideal climate conditions mean it is famed for the cultivation and production of quality farming products such as olive oil and wine.

november olive oli

Archaeological findings suggest that humans were present in the area as early as the Νeolithic Age (8.000-6.000 B.C.). A typical example of the time is the ancient city of Aptera whose founding is placed during the Geometric period (Greek Dark Ages) and was one of the most significant naval, commercial and industrial centres on Crete. According to the famous myth, the city owes its name to the Sirens who lost the battle to the Muses, lost their wings (ptero) through sadness and therefore were without wings – apteres – and fell to the sea where they transformed to the Lefkes isles in Souda Bay.

This land of unique beauty filled with history, myth and outstanding natural landscapes has cultivated the olive as its primary produce for hundreds of years. This land is our home and urges us to continue the work of our ancestors with the same respect and love by caring for our small, centuries old, olive groves.

The intense natural surroundings and the presence of various microclimates in the area give Novεmbεr its particular properties which make it simply unique.

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