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november olive oli

Novϵmbϵr Extra Virgin Olive Oil has earned its name from the month which signifies the arrival of fresh olive oil in our conscience.

For us, olive oil is a significant event which begins and ends with the month of November – a month which we honour and celebrate in the same way as we do all important events.

In Ancient Greece, the majority of significant events celebrated and honoured the rebirth of nature, germination and bearing of fruit. The olive tree was worshipped for thousands of years and formed an integral part of religious tradition and rituals deeply intertwined with the blossoming process and production of olive oil. Pyanopsia - the ancient festival in honour of Apollo – was celebrated during the period from mid-October to mid-November and included the sacred offering of the first fruit called aparche and the procession of eiresione, a branch of olive full of fruit.

In grateful appreciation of nature and the Cretan land which offers us the ultimate gift of the first fruits, we too perform our celebration each year, following our forefathers' footsteps.

november olive oli

We celebrate the month that ends the annual cycle of the cultivation of the olive and which gives us the ultimate gift of healthy fruit – a testimony to the care, love and respect we show our olive groves.

We celebrate the completion of the olive harvest! This is a strenuous process during which we collect the unripe, green olive fruit by hand. This effort rewards us with an exceptional olive oil. An olive oil which highlights the sensation of fresh olives, rich fruity aroma and excellent organoleptic properties.

november olive oli

We celebrate the arrival of the new cultivation period! A period in time which finds us more experienced and eager to continually improve all stages of the process which define the quality of the olive oil but also consistent in applying the best cultivation practices without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

As all celebrations offer a gift, the gift of our celebration is the Novϵmbϵr Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A gift which gives us a taste of November at all times of the year


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