About us : A Shared Vision

At November, we proudly present ourselves as a family business, a bond that extends beyond bloodlines

november olive oli

A decade ago, three close friends - Manousos, Nikolas, and Nikos - united by a shared vision, embarked on a remarkable journey to produce exceptional olive oil. Combining our olive groves and expertise, we pooled our resources to create something truly special.

While we may not share the same last name, our commitment and passion for crafting the highest quality olive oil have forged a bond as strong as any family. Today, we invite you to experience the fruits of our labor and taste the extraordinary results of our friendship, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of excellence.


november olive oli

Our commitment to improving and investing in production standards is a testament to our mission to offer our customers products of the highest quality, sustainable and of exceptional nutrition value.

Throughout these years we have invested in our very own state-of-the-art bottling facility based in Attica, Greece that complies with all EU regulations, allowing us to deliver exceptional products to our valued customers.

Welcome to the November family!


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